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1) What is J2EE?
2) What do you understand by a J2EE module?
3) What is J2EE component?
4) What is bean-managed transaction?
5) What are types of J2EE clients?
6) Why J2EE is suitable for the development of distributed multi-tiered enterprise applications?
7) What are the components of web module?
8) What is J2EE Connector architecture?
9) What is Deployment Descriptor?
10) What services provided by a container?
11) What is a container?
12) Differentiate between Session Bean and Entity Bean?
13) Differentiate ear, jar and war files?
14) What is caller?
15) What is caller principal?
16) What is callback methods?
17) What is business method?
18) What is business logic?
19) What is JTA and JTS?
20) What is JAXP?
21) Differentiate between Java Bean and Enterprise Java Bean?
22) Differentiate JTS and JTA?
23) Can Entity Beans have no create () methods?
24) What are the call back methods in Session bean?
25) What is bean managed transaction?
26) What are transaction isolation levels in EJB?
27) How does JAVA interact with databases?
28) Can we interact with non-relational sources using JDBC?
29) Can you explain in depth the different sections in JDBC?
30) Can you explain in short how you go about using JDBC API in code?
31) How do you handle SQL exceptions?
32) If there is more than one exception in SQLException" class how to go about displayingit?
33) Explain Type1, Type2, Type3 and Type4 drivers in JDBC?
34) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using JDBC-ODBC bridgedriver?
35) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Native-API/ Partially Java Driver?
36) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Net-Protocol/ All-Java driver?
37) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Native-protocol/All-Java driver?
38) Define meta-data?
39) What is DatabaseMetaData?
40) Can you explain "ConnectionFactory" class?
41) I want to display tables of a database how do I do it?
42) Define "ResultSetMetaData"?
43) What is the difference between "ResultSet" and "RowSet"?
44) Can "ResultSet" objects be serialized?
45) Can you explain "ResultSet", "RowSet", "CachedRowset","JdbcRowset" and "WebRowSet" relation ship?
46) what are the different types of resultset?
47) Explain the concept of "PreparedStatement "statement interface? What's the difference between "Statement" and "PreparedStatement"?
48) How can we call stored procedure using JDBC?
49) Can you explain "CallableStatement" interface in detail?
50) How do you get a resultset object from stored procedure?
51) How can we do batch updates using "CallableStatement" Interface?
52) Define transactions?
53) What are Servlets?
54) What are advantages of servlets over CGI?
55) Can you explain Servlet life cycle?
56) What are the two important API's in for Servlets?
57) Can you explain in detail "javax.servlet" package?
58) What's the use of ServletContext?
59) How do we define an application level scope for servlet?
60) What's the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet?
61) Can you explain the concept of local interfaces?
62) What are the limitations of using Local object?
63) Which application server have you used for EJB ?
64) Can you explain step by step practically developing and deploying EJB component?
65) what is Passivation and Activation in EJB?
66) Can you explain in detail javax.servlet.http package?
67) What's the architecture of a Servlet package?
68) Why is HTTP protocol called as a stateless protocol?
69) What are the different ways we can maintain state between requests?
70) What is URL rewriting?
71) what is ACID in transaction?
72) what are the four essential properties of a transaction?
73) Explain concurrency and locking?
74) What are different types of locks?
75) what are include directives?
76) Can you explain taglib directives?
77) How does JSP engines instantiate tag handler classes instances?
78) what's the difference between JavaBeans and taglib directives?
79) what are the different scopes an object can have in a JSP page?
80) what are different implicit objects of JSP?
81) what are different Authentication Options available in servlets?
82) Can you explain how do we practically implement security on a resource?
83) How do we practically implement form based authentication?
84) What are the different types of levels of resource on which locks can be placed?
85) Define lock escalation?
86) What is Table level and Row level locking?
87) What are the problems that can occur if you do not implement locking properly?
88) What are different transaction levels?
89) What are cookies?
90) What are sessions in Servlets?
91) What's the difference between getSession(true) and getSession(false)?
92) What's the difference between "doPost" and "doGet" methods?
93) Which are the different ways you can communicate between servlets?
94) What is functionality of "RequestDispatcher" object?
95) How do we share data using "getServletContext ()"?
96) What is XSL?
97) What is element and attributes in XML?
98) What are the standard ways of parsing XML document?
99) Can you explain how JAXM messaging model works?
100) Can you explain JAX-RPC?
101) Internationalization Can you explain i18n and l10n?
102) Can you explain internationalization and localization?
103) What is Locale?
104) Explain the concept of SSI?
105) What are filters in JAVA?
106) What is EL?
107) What is EJB?
108) what are the different kind of EJB's?
109) you are designing architecture for a project how do you decide whether you should use session, entity or message driven bean?
110) Can you explain "EJBHome" and "EJBObject" in EJB?
111) Can client directly create object of session or entity beans?
112) how does EL search for an attribute?
113) What are the implicit EL objects in JSP?
114) How can we disable EL?
115) what is JSTL?
116) Can you explain in short what the different types of JSTL tags are?
117) How can we use beans in JSP?
118) What is <jsp:forward> tag for ?
119) What are JSP directives?
120) what are Page directives?
121) How do we authenticate using JDBC?
122) Can you explain JDBCRealm?
123) Can you explain how do you configure JNDIRealm?
124) How did you implement caching in JSP?


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