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1. Multicast Live Video Broadcasting Using Real Time Transmission Protocol

2. Active Source Routing Protocol for Mobile AD-HOC Networks

3. Adaptive Security and Authentication for DNS System

4. Evaluating the Performance of Versatile RMI Approach In Java

5. Dynamic Control for Active Network System

6. Effective Packet Analyzing and Filtering System for ATM Network

7. Multi Server Communication In Distributed Management System

8. Reduction of Network Density for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

9. Messaging Service over TCP/IP in Local Area Network

10. Secure Data Hiding and Extraction Using BPCS

11. Dynamic Signature Verification Using Pattern Recognition

12. Data Minimization And Storage Using XML Enable SQL Server 

13. Retrieving Files Using Content Based Search

14. Distributed Node Migration by Effective Fault Tolerance

15. Embedding in Video Steganography 

16. Genetic Algorithm Based Train Simulation Using Concurrent Engineering

17. Location Aided Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

18. Image Rendering for Grid Technology

19. Optimal Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

20. Scalable Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Simulation using XTC

21. Homogenous Network Control and Implementation

22. Java Network File Sharing System

23. Mobile Agents In Distributed Multimedia Database Systems

24. Java Visual Editor with Compiler

25. ATM Networks for Online Monitoring System

26. Performance Evaluation of RMI

27. Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse 

28. Network Component for XML Migration

29. Shortest Node Finder In Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

30. Preventing Network Data Congestion Collapse Using Mobile AD-HOC Networks

31. Distributed Cache Updating for the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol

32. Multi Router Traffic Monitoring System

33. Public Key Validation For DNS Security Extensions

34. A Secure Routing Protocol for mobile Ad-hoc Network 

35. Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching and presenting it in Carousel view

36. Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks

37. E-Mail Server Using Multithreaded Sockets

38. Java Productivity Aids

39. Routing and Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

40. Data Security in Ad hoc Networks Using Multi Path Routing

41. An Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Networks

42. Fault-Tolerant Distributed Channel Allocation in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

43. An Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETs

44. Wavelet Based Compression and Decompression Using Steganography

45. Image Stream Transfer Using Real-Time Transmission Protocol 

46. Image Water Marking and Combustion

47. Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol

48. A Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks

49. Protocol Scrubbing: Network Security Through Transparent Flow Modification

50. Incremental deployment service of Hop by hop multicast routing protocol

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