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1.Zigbee Based Hospital Automaion with online graph and WAP

2.Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients. 

3.Home appliances control using voice Dictation. 

4.Pc based Wireless Weather monitoring System. 

5.Wireless Roaming Web Cam. 

6.Voice Controlled Wireless Multitasking Rover. 

7.Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With voice Feedback. 

8.Embedded PIC MC based_Electronic Trivector Meter. 

9.Control of substation equipments thro mobile phone. 

10.IVRS Based Home Automation With Immediate Voice Feedback. 

11.Embedded System Based Automatic Furnace Control For Improvement Of Hardness On Materials. 

12.AI Based Image Capturing and Transferring to PC/CCTV Robot. 

13.Wireless AI Based Fire Fighting Robotics for Relief Operation(smoke/LDR/fireball). 

14.Embedded System controlled Electroplating System. 

15.Wireless Industrial Security Robot with Motion Detection (PIR SENSOR)System with PC INTERFACE. 

16.Embedded System based Transformer oil Testing Machine. 

17.Bluetooth Enabled Home/Industrial Automation. 

18.Bluetooth enabled smart Device for Attendance monitoring with feedback systems. 

19.Bluetooth enabled ICU Support System with SMS to Doctors using mobile phones. 

20.Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS System using GSM Technology. 

21.IVRS Based Electronics Tele-voting System. 

22.IVRS Based Control Of Three Axis Robot With Voice Fee Back. 

23.Design Of Digital Cryogenic Temperature Controller. 

24.Bio Metrics (Finger Print) based Authentication & Access Control System. 

25.Finger Print plus EMPCR card based ATM Authentication system and cash delivery System. 

26.Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Time Recorder with Weigand Output. 

27.Biometric Finger Print Identification with PIC Based Bank and Locker Security System. 

28.RFDI Based Guard patrolling system with Handheld Device. 

29.Integrated Smart Car Navigation and voice Control System Design. 

30.Voice controlled Electric Wheel Chair. 

31.Vehicle Accessing using Authentication. 

32.Remote Monitoring and Control using Mobile phones. 

33.Secured Postal Data Communication using RFID and E-POST. 

34.Micro controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System. 

35.Pc Based flow Control And Level Measurement In Petrol Bunks. 

36.Pc As A Pid Controller. 

37.Vector Controlled Device For Energy Saving Air Conditioning System. 

38.Bi Directional VF Control of Single Phase AC Motors. 

39.Management of sub-transmission and distribution system in power Systems. 

40.Vector Controlled Drive for Energy Saving in Air Conditioning System. 

41.Remote data monitoring using WAP Information Gateway. 

42.Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control. 

43.Prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader. 

44.IVRS Based smart home automation with voice feedback. 

45.Synchronized DC Defibrillator with PC Interface. 

46.RF Based Medi-Kits for Houses with Emergency Dialer. 

47.IR based human radiation detection online. 

48.PC based emergency ambulance calling System. 

49.Blue tooth Enabled Wireless Communication with Handheld Device. 

50.Advanced Sensors Controlled Bank Security System. 

51.Smart Vehicle Tracking System with PC Interface. 

52.GPS Based Active Fleet Management – Automated Vehicle Tracking System with Dual channel communication system. 

53.GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with collision Mitigation. 

54.GSM based advanced home/industrial automation controller system. 

55.Cell Phone Jammer-Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile/Cell Phone Jammer. 

56.Home Networking and Security System With Wap. 

57.Tape less Voice Storage and Retrieval using. 

58.Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Time and Attendance System. 

59.Electro magnetic Proximity Card Reader with Weigand output based Security Cards. 

60.EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation

61.EMPCR with Weigand output Based Electricity Billing Automation with WAP. 

62.Guard Supervisor for Industries. 

63.Guard Alert System for Industries With Patrolling system. 

64.Cell Phone Controlled Two Axis Robotics with AI. 

65.Cell Phone Controlled Three Axis Robotics with AI. 

66.Multi Axis Stepper Controller / Driver with Opto-isolation. 

67.Two Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

68.Three Axis Robotics With Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

69.Embedded PIC Micro controller based Safety Road Control With WEBCAM. 

70.Embedded PIC Micro controller based Controlling of devices through Telephone Lines. 

71.DAS and Remote Control through Internet. 

72.Frequency jammer as a life guard. 

73.Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP. 

74.Campus Management system 

75.RFID based ATM Center Automation. 

76.RFID based Automated Airlines Baggage Systems. 

77.ICU Care Taker – Life Support System using RF with BP Monitoring. 

78.RF based Controlling of Home Appliances. 

79.Smart palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF. 

80.Speed Control of AC / DC / Induction Motor with RF Technology. 

81.Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology. 

82.Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance. 

83.Ultrasonic based Parking Guidance System. 

84.Intelligent guided vehicle for collision prevention. 

85.Fuzzy logic based Traffic Control System – A Replacement strategy. 

86.Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model. 

87.Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with WAP. 

88.Tracking suns path for efficient use of Solar Cell with Model. 

89.Smart Solar Tracking System for Optimal Power Generation. 

90.Solar Air Heating System. 

91.Solar Water Heating Ssytem. 

92.Automated car parking system. 


94.Multi Channel Voltage Scanner with SCADA.

95.Industrial Safety Measures System with Sensors with Voice Indication. 

96.Attendance Marker System with IRC Reader and Face Indicator. 

97.SMS based Device / Home Equipment Control System. 

98.Mobile Password Activation System for Industrial applications. 

99.Intelligent Security System for Industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer. 

100.Contact Less Electro Magnetic Proximity based Campus Management System. 

101.Fire protection System with Fire Extinguishing Ball. 

102.Micro controller based Boller Management Sytsem. 

103.Priority Indicators in Alarm Annunciators. 

104.PC Based Programmable Temperature Controller for Cement Plant. 

105.8 Channel Multiset point Temperature controller with Different Time Period. 

106.Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication. 

107.Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication. 

108.Portable Lift for Ca

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