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Creating Simple C# Programs

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Create a Simple C# Console Application
  • Use a Namespace
  • Comment Code
  • Create a Simple Class Library
  • Test a Simple Class Library
  • Create a Simple C# Windows GUI Application

Working with Classes

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Define and Use a Class
  • Use Access Modifiers
  • Define Namespaces
  • Declare an Abstract Class
  • Derive a Concrete Class from an Abstract Class
  • Use an Abstract Class and its Concrete Derived Class

Working with Methods

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Implement Constructors
  • Implement a Destructor
  • Override a Method
  • Overload a Method
  • Overload an Operator
  • Pass Parameters

Programming with Forms and Controls

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Create a Graphical Program Using Standard Built-in Controls
  • Create a Custom Control
  • Use Custom Controls on a Form

Writing Statements that Control Program Flow

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Write Conditional Statements
  • Write Loop Statements
  • Write Jump Statements

Using Types in C#

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Use Predefined Data Types
  • Differentiate Between Reference and Value Types
  • Use Casting
  • Define and Use a Struct Type
  • Define and Use an Enum Type 

Programming with Exceptions

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Catch Exceptions
  • Define Custom Exceptions
  • Throw Exceptions
  • Utilize the finally Keyword

Working with Interfaces

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Define an Interface
  • Implement Interfaces in Derived Classes
  • Invoke Interface Methods

Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Define a Rectangular or Higher-dimensional Array
  • Use a Rectangular Array
  • Define a Jagged Array
  • Use a Jagged Array
  • Choose and/or Create a Collection Type
  • Use A Collection Type

Working with Properties and Indexers

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Expose Properties
  • Expose Indexers

Events and Delegates

Collections and Generics

Object and Collection Initializers

Building and Deploying Assemblies

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Create an Assembly with the C# Command Line Compiler
  • Deploy an Assembly Locally
  • Create and Deploy a Shared Assembly

Interoperating with Legacy Code

  • Lesson Introduction
  • Write Code that Interoperates with Win32
  • Expose Legacy COM Components to C# Clients
  • Expose C# Components to Legacy COM Clients

Windows Applications

  • Standard Controls
  • Rich Controls
  • User Controls
  • Data Controls

Working with..

  • File System and XML

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