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                                   SPOKEN ENGLISH

There are several reasons why teachers and learners of English should focus on speech perception in pronunciation training:

1. Speech perception plays an important role in the acquisition of pronunciation, as shown by Chan (2001), Flege and Eefting (1987), Ingram and Park (1997), Schneiderman, Bourdages, and Champagne (1988).

2. Speech perception skills can be improved through training, as shown by Pennington (1998), Cenoz and Lecumberri (1999), Flege (1995), and Underbakke (1993).

3. Research suggests that training in perception may help improve production, as well as perception, of certain sounds and intonation patterns.

4. Speech perception plays an important role in self-monitoring. Self-monitoring has been deemed important by researchers (Acton, 1984; Morley, 1991) in successful language learning experiences.

For more information, see the complete literature review

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