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How ekalasala makes a difference
“ekalasala” is the answer to the pitfalls existing in the current education system.

Situation: Present day students and parents are prone to Stress, Depression and Exam Phobia.

Ekalasalas Solution: ekalasala provides care free way to take a number of practice tests and mock examinations sitting right in your living room. The students can beat out the stress and overcome exam phobia.

Situation: Now-a-days institutions concentrate mostly on creamy layer (Bright Students) neglecting average and below average students.

Ekalasalas Solution: Every test taker is a winner at e-kalasala.

Situation: Mugging method is followed in the institutions.

Ekalasalas Solution: Thorough understanding of the concept is the simple formula to answer any kind of question, so ekalasala follows that.

Situation: Institutions pressurize students to achieve better grades and ranks.

Ekalasalas Solution: ekalasala improves test takers performance time after time with out pressurizing them.

Situation: Some institutes have congested rooms and inexperienced faculty while some others have nothing to complain except the very high fees they charge.

Ekalasalas Solution: At e-kalasala, every living room is a class room and live interaction with expert faculty will broaden the horizon of learning and all this is available at a very reasonable charge.

Situation: The attitude of the teaching faculty might, some times, be a problem to the students.

Ekalasalas Solution: Our faculty is very much approachable and amicable. They are always there to help the students just a click away.

Situation: Competition for ranks and grades shifted from students to institutions.

Ekalasalas Solution: e-kalasala is not a competitor to any one. It creates competition from with-in the student by inculcating “Practice for Perfection”.

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