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SAP is a German software programming system. It has a number of modules that cover the different aspects of running a modern corporation, like Finance, MRP, Inventory Control, etc.  
when a company decides to buy and install this software; they usually have an implementation partner, like deloitte or IBM. The software is installed on your company's computers. It has a lot of security features like roles and profiles, so only the users that have a need to be in the system are allowed to be in that particular screen or transactions. 
The current users are polled to find out what their requirements are and the factory supplied screens are modified to perform those functions.  
You will hear the term FRICE a lot. It stands for Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancements. This is how the factory supplied programs are modified to fit a specific company's needs.  
The data generally resides in SAP proprietary database, but Oracle can also be used. All the customization and enhancements are done in a programming language called ABAP. Perhaps, you should buy a cheap book or borrow it from the library. There are a lot of introductory books on SAP. 
Depending on where you are from, there may be software training institutes, but they are generally slides and presentations. I doubt if any of them can provide hands on experience. 


We are providing online Audio /Video tutoring on SAP with experienced faculty.

Classes will be commenced from 15th May 2010.

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